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Guild Wars Guide Part Two


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Guild Wars Power Level and Gold Guide

This guide will show you where to go, what to do, and how to do it, so that you can maximize your playing time to gain measurable wealth and loot. You can use these techniques at the earliest levels and speed your way to 20 in just hours. Once you reach level 20 you can continue to capitalize on these amazing techniques.

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So, you've finally found the perfect sword, scribed the final rune on your Platemail, slotted that one killer elite onto your skill bar from which it will never leave again. While you know that the numbers on your skills and equipment are large, do you actually know what they mean? Have you ever been pounding away at a rival Warrior and wondered why even your critical hits were barely scratching him, or Fireballed an Aloe and been confused when it registered for 300 damage? The reasons for these effects are not arcane secrets, but well understood mathematics - formulae that will be elucidated herein. Guild wars Guide

General Remarks

Damage in Guild wars is governed by two distinct sets of effects - those that affect the damage of the attack, and those that affect the defense of the target. These two sets are separable - if you just want to analyze weapon damage, for instance, you can completely ignore the effects of armor in your calculations and analysis.
In mathematical form, this means that:
[Actualized Damage] = [Effective Damage] ??[Defensive Adjustment]
Sometimes a given attack will deal damage multiple times - such as with Conjure Flame or Stone Daggers. In these cases, treat each instance as a separate attack and add it all up in the end, exactly as you would if the attacks were done in sequence. Guild wars Guide.For example, if you attacked with a bow while you had Conjure Flame up, the general equation would be:
[Actualized Damage] = ([Effective Bow Damage] ??[Physical Defensive Adjustment]) + ([Conjure Flame Damage] ??[Fire Defensive Adjustment]) Let's approach the two terms in turn, first the offensive part, then the defensive.