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Attacking and Damage

The base damage of an attack depends on both your character's statistics, and on situational modifiers,such as attacking a target over a cliff. The latter are maddeningly difficult to evaluate quantitatively, and thus we'll limit ourselves to discussions of the former.Guild wars Guide. As a basis for our analysis, we'll use characters ready to set foot into the Tombs as a basis - level 20 characters with top armor and maxed attributes. As we'll see later, the whole system works on a sliding scale.

Weapon Damage

If you are attacking the target with a sword, axe, hammer, or bow, the amount of damage that you'll naturally deal depends on both the inherent damage of the weapon, and your level in the corresponding attribute.Guild wars Guide. The relationship between your attribute level and damage is a simple exponential over a 0-12 attribute level range:
[Effective Damage] = [Weapon Damage] ??2^((5 ??[Attribute Level] - 60) / 40)

After 12, the returns on increasing your weapon attributes diminish sharply - each additional level is worth just 40% of what the previous levels got you. More generally, for attributes over 12 use the following equation:
[Effective Damage] = [Weapon Damage] ??2^((2 ??[Attribute Level] - 24) / 40)

While pumping up your weapon attribute continues to give outstanding, exponential returns on damage all the way to level 12, it drops off quickly after that. Guild wars Guide.Attribute level 13 is less than half as effective as the previous level at raising your damage, and attribute level 14 is even worse. So while having a level 13 or 14 attribute might look good on your stat screen, it isn't doing a whole lot in Guild wars. You'd be better served lowering that attribute and investing elsewhere.