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The vast majority of the time, you aren't just swinging away mindlessly with your weapon of choice, you're using skills to augment, replace, or just outright deal damage to your opponent. As a baseline, the amount of damage that you'll deal with a skill is listed in that skill's description - rounded to the nearest integer.Guild wars Guide. But as we're beginning to see, attacks rarely deal their baseline damage - indeed, in the case of skills your character's level plays a role in how much damage you'll actually deal:
[Effective Damage] = [Skill Damage] ??2^((3 ??[Character Level] - 60) / 40)

Every time you strike a foe with a weapon of any sort you have a chance of landing a critical hit. Each critical hit strikes for maximum damage, with the additional bonus of hitting as though your weapon attribute were four levels higher. Guild wars Guide.I'd be breaking form if I didn't list an equation, so here you go:
[Effective Damage] = [Max Weapon Damage] ??2^(( 5 ??[Attribute Level] - 40 ) / 40)

This translates into each critical strike dealing 141% of your maximum weapon damage, every time. Every critical hit with a customized top (6-28) axe and a level 12 Axe Mastery will deal:
28 ??1.20 ??2^(( 5 ??12 - 40 ) / 40) = 47.5 damage per critical

The frequency with which you will land a critical hit is dependent upon several factors - your character level, the level of the victim, and, if you're using a sword, axe, or hammer, the appropriate attribute level.Guild wars Guide. The exact formula for landing a critical chance is unknown, and due to it being a matter of statistical analysis it is rather difficult to test. In rough terms, your chance of landing a critical hit against a foe of comparable level with a level 12 weapon mastery is roughly 20% - if you're a level 20 character beating up on level 1 targets with a level 12 weapon mastery, your critical chance is very close to 100%.