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All characters, items and Gold in " Guild Wars 2 " are the sole properties of NCSoft Corporation.
This auction is not for the ownership of their intellectual property but it is merely for the time I spent acquiring the credits and getting them to you, all item is sole property of SOE/Lucas Arts. " Guild Wars 2 Gold " is a trademark of NCSoft Corporation.

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Welcome Professional Sell & Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold website!

Important Note for your purchase:

Dear Customer:
In order to protect our customers from unauthorized charges, all transactions will be carried out in our securely integrated transaction center at There, you will be offered three types of payment
          Credit card.
          Google Checkout
If you have not received your Guild Wars 2 Gold within 24 hours after making the payment, please check your email box or contact with our customer service representative to check your order. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Important note for your security
We will never ask you to return your currency in game.
We will always ask you to come on the Live Help to discuss any issue.
Do not give away your currency to anyone claiming to be our customer support.
Have great time playing!